The Big Andrew Community is a collective of watermen, survivors, volunteers and families that all rally around the common passion we have for helping those in need and being close to the ocean. Every year we see more and more individuals rally around the event, we see young surfers develop and come back year after year, vowing they will be this years winner. We see families touched by the assistance we provide and individuals who are giving everything they have to be cancer free, sending us letters of grace, thanking us for all of our hardwork. The event is truly unique in that we have individuals participate from New York to Maine and everywhere in between, all from different backgrounds and environments. On this one day, we all come together to acknowledge the struggle and give our hearts to the cause. We do this through our love for surfing and paddling and also our admiration of the worlds most wondrous feature, our beloved ocean. This innate drive we have to spend time at the source of life, while raising awareness and providing assistance to those who need the inspiration most, make for a day that can only be described as incredible. For those that are involved we thank you and for those interested we would love for you to come join us. We look forward to continuing our efforts and keeping the spirit of youth alive!
The Big Andrew Foundation